Self Portait in Rome


Kim Requesto is a Philippine born, Bay Area raised cultural practitioner in San Francisco, CA. Specializing in 35 mm photography, videography, and dance. Requesto deconstructs Filipino folkloric performance to highlight the multiplicity of cultural perspectives and narratives.

Requesto has been part of the Filipino Folk Dance community in San Francisco for the past 13 years and continues to perform with Parangal Dance Company as Principal Dancer. In 2016, the Alliance of California for Traditional Art awarded Requesto a grant to apprentice under Kalinga Cultural Master Artist Jenny Bawer Young and in 2018, she went to the province of Lubuagan, Kalinga, Philippines to learn from renowned Kalinga cultural bearer Cirilo Sapi Bawer.

Requesto self-published her book, “Unedited Film: Philippines, CTCSM Pt. 1" which contains the visual experiences of author K. Requesto during her visit to CTCSM ( Community Technical College of Southeastern Mindanao) in February of 2018. Requesto introduces the audience to a small portion of the daily lives of the students as we learn more about the importance the school has within their lives and community. A majority of the proceeds will be donated to Salupongan International, “non-profit organization dedicated to the unity and empowerment of marginalized indigenous, Moro and rural communities in Southern Philippines”.

Requesto aspires to create more contemporary Philippine diasporic dance work and visual media using her background in Philippine dance to bring awareness and thoughtfulness to the realities of different communities in the Philippines and the diaspora.